lunes, 10 de noviembre de 2014

Violin #4 finished

Here you have my latest instrument. And its mine for now. Few instruments, if any have I enjoyed as much as this one. It really fits me and is a joy to play.
I hope to be able to build one more. I would like to make the main frequency of the plates just a few hz higher. Just to compare and learn.

domingo, 2 de noviembre de 2014

working full speed

So, the router bit arrived a few days ago. It only took 2 weeks this time :):)
Now I have no excuses. Here the bindings are being glued.

domingo, 26 de octubre de 2014

making little things.

This with waiting is always a relative thing. In a luthier workshop, there´s always something you can do. So here´s what I´ve been doing the last couple of days.
Bindings and 6 bridges. No need to hurry.

miércoles, 22 de octubre de 2014

waiting for a new router bit

So here is a photo of where I am now. I should have routed for the bindings, but a closer look at the routing bit made me decide is wasnt good enough. So I ordered a new one. It will take some time to arrive. I´m sure. I´m also sure that the guy who sells it doesnt have it in stock. Noone in this country stocks anything because stock means investment and noone has any money. Oh yes, of course, the rich have loads of money and in Spain there are twice as many as 6 years ago when the crisis started and they have tree times more money than back then.... They always get their things "sorted out" and leave the rest of us to live in the chaos that their sorting out leaves us.

jueves, 16 de octubre de 2014

An "old" photo

This photo is some weeks old. I had forgot that I had taken it. The building of the 3 guitars is in a completely different moment. I have assembled the body and the neck, waiting for a new router bit to arrive, so that I can fit the bindings. Meanwhile, I´m making the bridges.
Now that I´ve found the charger for the batteries, hopefully I will update the blog more often.
On the photo you can see the 3 soundboards for guitars 119 - 121. 2 x 2A a 1 x 1A